About The Team


Vince - Co-Founder & Director

Responsible for realizing and coordinating the client's needs and vision. Vince writes the script, creates the storyboard, and prepares the team for production. He also manages the technical aspects of filming including the camera, sound, lighting, design and special effects.

All videos by Euphonic7 have been directed by Vince.

Ketan - Co-Founder & Editor

Responsible for assembling raw footage gathered from your project. Ketan synchronizes video and sound, applies appropriate video effects, consults with the Director to deliver the client's requirements.

He uses software such as Adobe Premier, After Effects, and Cinema 4D.



Jay - Videographer & Photographer

Responsible for shooting footage, accomplishing the bulk of the technical tasks related to production, and operating equipment.

If you are interested in browsing Jay's portfolio, click here.